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How to upgrade to the download section and what you have to do
Contributing Members
Only contributing members may use the download section. 

What you have to do to get promoted to the download section
So what you have to do, is to make 5 posts in any part of the forum, to be illegible for promotion to the  download section.

Once you have made your 5 posts
once you have made your 5 post you need to go to the  ( Contributing members upgrades to download section ) and ask for a promotion to the download section. A member of the admin will then give you access to the download section. This may take up to 24 HRS  so please be patient.

Why you ask ?
It's to prevent Members from just using the forum for leaching and to prevent Members from not participating in the forum. Wink

Contributing Members can add their own rips to the download section.
You will be able to add your own tape rips to the downloads section and people can still make comments to your added downloads.

Inactive members
Any Member who become's inactive after 2 days of being promoted, will be demoted and will have to start again.
If you are a long term member and have been inactive on the forum for longer than two weeks you will be demoted and have to make 5 posts again.
If you become inactive for to long of a period, I will remove your account and you will have to sign up again. 


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